studio techniques
ultra-real finishes
                       from Classic Old World to Modern Futuristic & moreā€¦
Plasterfaux Faux finish matching repair restoration of Las Vegas Henderson, Green valley plasterfaux dot com
*Actual Hollywood Movie Studio Technique*
* applied to any walls, old or new *
* residential / commercial *
* interior / exterior

                                                                 A specially formulated plasterfaux mix + sealer only!
                                                                                           ***No paint!***  NONE
                                                   Creates the appearance of "real" stone, granite, marble, concrete
This is a unique technique created by ME personally for award winning T.V. commercials --
AT&T, Lexus, Pepsi...
        Plasterfaux application creates one-of-a-kind finishes that could never be achieved using paint alone.
        Now available for your home or business. Cover any existing walls, drywall, brick, wood, etc.,    
This technique is much faster than almost any painted finishes
& gives more depth and realism in appearance.

         * fast and clean application  (quicker than most hand painted finishes)
Easier and cheaper than Venetian plaster {which requires a smooth painted surface underneath)

* Many Styles from an aged, crackled look to ultra-modern, industriaL
ultra-real finishes